The Road to Success: Opportunities with a Civil Engineering Degree

Few qualifications are as underrated as a civil engineering degree. In an economy where many people struggle to find work, qualified people in this line of study are almost always in high demand. Perhaps it helps that the subject has a very broad scope of applications, allowing for its graduates to spread out and settle in many different areas of industry. If you're considering studying for a civil engineering degree, you may not be aware of exactly how many positions could be open to you after you finish your studies. Here are just a few.

Engineering Management

Those with the right force of personality and organisational skills may find a home in an upper management position in a wide variety of industries that utilise engineers. You'll oversee the day-to-day runnings of sites, plants and projects that require your knowledge and experience to help guide the workforce into being effective, efficient and safe. It's a lot of responsibility, but maybe that's the kind of challenge you'd enjoy.

Environmental & Sustainability Roles

If you're passionate about the environment and reducing the impact of industry on the world around you, then you could easily bring that passion into your career. As businesses begin to see the rewards that can come from being environmentally conscious, both in terms of customer approval and their bank accounts, more and more civil engineering positions are opening up for people to advise on environmental and sustainability issues. You'll help businesses to make smart, green choices and make a real, measurable difference.

Consultancy & Surveying

For a little variety in your job, look into being a consultant or surveyor. These positions will require you to visit lots of different businesses and environments to share your expertise, which will in itself only improve your skills and knowledge base. You'll need to be good at selling yourself and willing to take initiative, especially if you freelance; a lot of your job will involve finding and securing work. However, if you can get it, then this is the kind of position that can offer you the flexibility and variety that you need.


If you enjoy design work, then taking on this role full-time could be very fulfilling. You'll work within the constraints of various different projects to bring ideas and logistics together, drawing up plans and designs to be used in a whole variety of different industries. You could do this for one company in particular or work freelance; it all depends on your aspirations and interests. Just be sure to keep abreast of improvements in design software and innovation so that you don't get left behind.

As you can see from just this small sample, there is a whole range of jobs you could step into with a civil engineering degree, and there are decent salaries to be made as well. It's a smart choice to head in this direction as a job seeker, especially since these positions will not be disappearing to automation or industry changes anytime soon. Good luck!

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