What You Should Do Before Skip Bin Delivery

Are you planning to hire a skip bin for the first time? Below are some of the things that you should do to ensure that the skip bin will be delivered to your address without any hassles:

Get All Permits

Some jurisdictions may require property owners to get a permit before having a skip bin placed on their property. This is particularly possible in case the bin will be placed where the public may be affected, such as on the kerb. Getting the applicable permits in time will, therefore, save you from any issues that can arise after the bin has been placed where a permit was not secured as needed.

Prepare Full Payment

Skip bin providers often require their clients to pay in full before they are delivered to the residence or business premises of the respective clients. It is therefore in your best interest to pay in full before the delivery date to avoid any delays. It may also be necessary for you to be present at the time of delivery in case you had said you would pay in cash when the skip bin is delivered. Your absence can prompt the delivery truck driver to turn back without dropping off the bin.

Consider Site Lighting

Property owners have some control regarding where the skip bin is placed after it has been delivered. Use this opportunity judiciously and select a location that has sufficient lighting at night. That visibility is important so that you avoid any liability issues in case an accident occurs involving a skip bin that was not visible at night.

Ensure Site Accessibility

It is also your responsibility to ensure that the skip-bin hire company will be able to reach the location where you want them to place your skip bin. Make sure that no obstacles, such as uncovered manholes and overhead barriers exist. The access road should also be wide enough to allow the delivery vehicle to move without any unnecessary risks. Otherwise, the driver may be compelled to place the skip bin in another location which is accessible. You will then be left with having to deal with any issues that arise from the choice of the alternate location.

Talk to the skip bin provider for any other measures that you can take to ensure a smooth delivery. This will save you from the inconveniences that may result in case the bin cannot be delivered when you want it. Contact local skip bin services for more information and assistance. 

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Are you planning to hire a skip bin for the first time? Below are some of the things that you should do to ensure that the skip bin will be delivered